In 1963 I began photographing in Black & White with a 2 1/4 format Roliflex as part of my first - and only - Photography course. I was immediately hooked and with my first "serious" roll of film knew this was my true and primary medium.
I had been inspired by my Father who was a Photography-buff and had given me my first camera when I was five years old, the LIFE magazines adorning the coffee table, and by my visit to see the wonderful "Family Of Man" Exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. I soon became enchanted with the Darkroom and the alternative techniques I used to create multiple image compositions as well as Man-Ray inspired Solarizations.

All images are available in a full range of sizes from 8x10 to Murals, & may be printed on photographic paper, watercolor papers, canvass, fabric, glass plexiglass and metals.
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60s Shelley & Leslie at Mohonk Stream