Left Bank Books, The Biography Bookshop


Greenwich Village has long been the bastion of the literatti- from Ferlingetti poetry readings at secret cafes to infamous historical salons. With Summer fast-approaching New Yorkers are gathering their must-reads for sun-baking beach trips and lolling about in country tree-shade.Two of my favorite book-hunting spots are Left Bank Books-specializing in first editions and treasured volumes signed by beloved authors, and Biography Bookshop, where outdoor counters of new, reduced-price, alluring books are forever-tempting. Left Bank Books is located on West 4th Street (btwn beautiful Bank & W11th Streets) and Biography Bookshop is most conveniently situated at the corner of Bllecker Street & 11th St. - accross from the famed Magnolia Bakery (Sex In The City femmes...), and lovely Abingdon Square Park. So select a novel, grab a cupcake and relax chez Manhattan - avoiding the hours of traffic to those other hot-spots.